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We recommend taking a Beginner's Class if you are completely unfamiliar with the sport of boxing. If you feel confident jumping straight in to a Cardio Class, then feel free to do so!

We do have equipment available to lend to you for your first class, and even a few classes thereafter, but you will certainly want to invest in your own pieces. We will be happy to talk with you about what pieces of equipment are suitable for the work that we do here.

We always offer the first Cardio Boxing Class for FREE!

So, pick a class from the schedule and jump in!

We do not need for you to reserve your space in the class, just come down and let the instructors do the rest!


All our classes are taught by current or former Golden Glove Champions, so you are training with the best of the best!



With the expansion of our kids program, we have added instructors to assist Oscar during our 4-5 hour. Both Lenny and Paul are working dilligently with Oscar to ensure that we are nurturing our young talent to it's fullest potential. Our kids program ranges in ages 4-14. Whether you are interested in improving your childs social skills, teaching them self defense, or even interested in developing a future fighter, we work with a variety of levels. The kids class goes through warm-up, conditioning, improving technique, and culminates with light sparring. We integrate both male and female children and parents have the option to sit and watch, drop your child off, or consider partaking in the adults class that runs concurrent! Bring the little one by for a free trial and let's build some boxers!!

class schedule